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Beauty: Talk to a mirror

Dad said “You are beautiful”
This isn’t a lie I know
Then why am I sad looking at you
Why are you pointing at me
Demanding me something unknown
Is that what counts in life
It’s the words of my father that matters more
I’m the same old girl who was a princess Looking at you with the same old smile
But hence what happened to me
Here I am standing infront of you
Perplexed and drowned in the beauty unknown
Does that real matter to look the way the other side of you wants in me
Beauty is in a divine heart
Beauty is pure love
Beauty has no boundaries
Beauty is in scars
I am beautiful in my way

Is Life a burden

Worries and tensions are on every mind

Still our faces rejoice and shine

Fake smiles is something we behold

But hidden are thousands of secrets within this smile

Is this life a burden that I hold upon

Even my smile can’t live a life of freedom

Morning I wake and see the sun rising along

That brim of the light says to me

Rise and shine… This life belongs to you.

Live it the way you want.